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What makes an effective teacher?

effective teacher

What makes an effective teacher? Can an effective teacher really be summarised through a few bullet points? A number of research reports have been published which discuss the ‘composition’ of an effective teacher. What does effective mean? Effective can quite simply be defined…

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Is Zero a Number? What do you think?

is zero a number

Is zero a number? Many people feel that it isn’t really a proper number; not like one, two or three. It’s just nothing. A group of trainees was given a table showing the numbers of children in a class with birthdays in each…

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Creating a personal connection with your students

Student Teacher

A personal connection with your students means finding ways to create an atmosphere of trust, so that students want to learn what we have to share. Here are a few ways to develop a personal connection with your students: Collect personal index cards.…

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Develop your baby’s intelligence through games

develop baby intelligence games

Your baby is born with a brain that contains all the elements of human intelligence. What he needs is help in developing this intelligence. New born babies recognise their mother’s voice but find it hard to focus their eyes or make much sense of the world in…

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