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What makes an effective teacher?

effective teacher

What makes an effective teacher? Can an effective teacher really be summarised through a few bullet points? A number of research reports have been published which discuss the ‘composition’ of an effective teacher. What does effective mean? Effective can quite simply be defined…

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The career ladder: Does it still exist?

career ladder

One of the most powerful career metaphors used in the twentieth century was the career ladder. Start at a low rung of your profession and company as a young person, the theory went, and you could move up over time, just as if…

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Smiling: The Best Cure for all your Woes


Positive psychology, illness, and smiling may sound like strange bedfellows indeed, but when we look closer we find some surprising connections. Of all the tools in positive psychology’s toolbox, smiling is perhaps the easiest to perform, the quickest acting, and the most effective…

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Is Zero a Number? What do you think?

is zero a number

Is zero a number? Many people feel that it isn’t really a proper number; not like one, two or three. It’s just nothing. A group of trainees was given a table showing the numbers of children in a class with birthdays in each…

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SEO Design Considerations: Getting ranked with Google

seo design considerations

What SEO design considerations do we need to bear in mind when creating a website? Is a website about content or design, or should it be about both? Obviously, its both. If designers and copyrighters work together harmoniously then effective search engine optimisation can…

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Pickpockets in Europe: How to avoid them


Pickpockets in Europe can be a problem but if you follow this guide, you won’t get caught out. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you’ve undoubtedly been warned about the danger of pickpockets in Europe. It is important to be vigilant because thousands…

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How to become an Online Research Assistant

Online research assistant

What does an online Research Assistant do? How can you earn money on the internet by becoming an online Research Assistant? The internet is a huge resource for information. This has given rise to various online job opportunities or businesses. Being an online…

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Disadvantages of Travelling on Budget Airlines

budget airlines

There are many disadvantages of travelling on budget airlines even though, at face value, they offer great value to the customer. If any of the following are important to you, you might want to steer clear of the budget airlines: Some budget airlines…

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Is the Drop Shipping Business Model Right for you?


If уоu аrе аn intеrnеt rеtаilеr looking tо еxраnd уоur offerings without аnу additional оutlау fоr inventory, уоu really ѕhоuld еxаminе thе drор ѕhiррing business mоdеl as a mеаnѕ tо dо thiѕ. The drop ѕhiррing business mоdеl iѕ оnе whеrе an entity (gеnеrаllу…

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Design Considerations for Restaurants

restaurant design considerations

If you asked me to describe my favourite restaurant, I’d probably tell you about the best dish I’ve tried there, how wonderful the wine is or about the diligence of the waiting staff. I probably wouldn’t describe the lighting, the ambience, the layout…

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Making a Job Fair Work for You

job fair

A Job fair is generally targeted at the more junior end of the market, as well as targeting specific skills which companies are trying to recruit, e.g. technical skills. Job fairs are a great way to get a feel for an industry and meet…

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Big data and its importance in business

Big Data

Data is one of the most important organizational resources. Like oil, water, and electricity, data can also be considered a utility. Organizations that learn to harness the potential of this data resource have a distinct business advantage. Sourcing, storing, sharing, securing, analyzing, and…

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Short Bio Examples for Business

Short Bio Examples

Short bio examples are useful to generate ideas for your bio on either a blog, twitter, facebook or your favourite social media platforms. They are great for giving a visitor a quick understanding of what you’re about. A short bio is useful to…

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Call-to-action buttons: best practise guide

call to action button

This call to action buttons best practise guide helps to identify what a call to action button is, where is should be placed, how it works and why they should be used. Call-to-action buttons are fundamental to converting as many anonymous visitors as…

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Turn Website Traffic into Buyers: a tutorial

turn website visitors into buyers

So how do you turn website traffic into buyers? You’ve got traffic, whether from paid ads, content marketing, or both. Now what? Now you want to try and get these people to either buy something straight away or subscribe to your email list.…

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The Significance of Brands

Significance of Brands

The significance of brands has increased enormously over the past 30 years or so, at least in the consumer goods sector. In many sub-markets (e.g. in services), brands have expanded and taken on a dominant position; in numerous markets for fast-moving or durable…

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Be the person you want to be

We all stumble

Who doesn’t want to perform admirably at work and enjoy an exciting career? We all want to move ahead and be rewarded for our accomplishments. We all want to develop our talents and skills and be respected. We’d also like to find meaning…

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Apps for WordPress: 3 other ways to update your blog

apps for wordpress

Apps for WordPress make life a lot easier for you. In addition to simply logging into the back of your WordPress blog to update, there are three other possible ways for adding posts to your blog. They are web apps, WordPress desktop apps…

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Coping with a negative work-life balance

work life balance

A quick scan of the available literature on work-life balance covers a multitude of research, including everything from brain functions on adequate sleep to romantic implications. Geez. And most thought it was just another trendy business catchphrase. Not so. Although this seems to…

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How to Choose Land for your Homestead

How to choose land for your homestead

If you’re thinking of buying land for your homestead, you need at least enough for a garden and maybe also some animals—space for a hen house and rabbit pens, pasture, and a barn for goats or a cow. You have to think way…

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How Music Lowers Stress Levels

Music lowers stress levels

Music lowers stress levels, and this can have a positive effect on your entire immune system. For example, several studies have shown that music improves the level of the antibody immunoglobulin A in your saliva, which is a direct measure of the ability…

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Creating a personal connection with your students

Student Teacher

A personal connection with your students means finding ways to create an atmosphere of trust, so that students want to learn what we have to share. Here are a few ways to develop a personal connection with your students: Collect personal index cards.…

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Make Money from your Website with the Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliates

The Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996. They’ve paid out millions in affiliate commissions over the years and Amazon is one of the most trusted brands in the world. In short, you’re…

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How to Assess Wine

How to assess wine

When asked to assess wine, there are a number of factors to take into account. These include sight, smell and taste. It would be impossible to determine what wine you were drinking without a degree of experience. Likewise, it would be difficult to…

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The Benefits of Marketing with YouTube

Benefits of Marketing with Youtube

You may be wondering why you should take the time to market on YouTube. There are a lot of other sources for advertising that you can consider, so why would YouTube be one of the options that you put on your list. There…

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Develop your baby’s intelligence through games

develop baby intelligence games

Your baby is born with a brain that contains all the elements of human intelligence. What he needs is help in developing this intelligence. New born babies recognise their mother’s voice but find it hard to focus their eyes or make much sense of the world in…

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Facebook ads: A Super Fast Guide


Due to its 360 degree statistical gathering capabilities, Facebook ads offers you perhaps the best targeted advertising program out there in the social media universe. Facebook’s unique user demographic information gives you the marketing equivalent of a diamond drill. Corporate Facebook users can…

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Hiking in Buckskin Gulch

buckskin gulch

Buckskin Gulch is the slot canyon every lover of slot canyons longs to conquer. It is found deep within the remote 112,500-acre Paria Canyon–Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, almost hidden from sight on the Utah side of the Utah/Arizona border. ‘Your list of slot canyons…

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