So how do you turn website traffic into buyers? You’ve got traffic, whether from paid ads, content marketing, or both. Now what? Now you want to try and get these people to either buy something straight away or subscribe to your email list. Getting them to subscribe can prove to be the better route as it can allow you to establish trust and build a relationship before selling them something, making your conversions that much higher. Having someone on your list also means you can sell to them again and again.

So that begs the question, how do you get people onto your email list?

Fortunately, the process to turn website traffic into buyers is dead simple. Here it is:

  1. Attract traffic.Either by putting out content, such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and the like, or through paid advertising.
  2. Send this traffic to a squeeze page.A squeeze page is simply a page where they can enter their email address. But why should they give you their email address? This leads us to the third step…
  3. Give ‘em a freebie.Also known as an “ethical bribe” or “bait.” In other words, you give them something that is relevant and of value to them—such as an eBook, video training course, checklist, special report, cheat sheet, etc.—in return for their email address.
  4. Ta da!There you have it.

Then, once you have their email, you can set up an autoresponder sequence lasting seven to 14 days and provide a little more value and establish yourself as trustworthy and an expert in your niche. You can then sell them a product. Or, to continue from above…

5. Build trust.Send your email list content that builds trust.\  6. Sell stuff.Sell your audience a product or service they want.

And that's how you turn website traffic into buyers. It’s really that simple.