So you’re selling your home and you want to make it stand out. You want it to be noticed more than the competition. And most importantly you want to sell it as soon a you possibly can. How do you turn this into a reality? Here are some handy tips to speed up the house selling process.

Comfort, quality and prestige

When a potential buyer comes by, you want them to
immediately see that your home provides more than sim-
ple habitat. It offers comfort, quality, and prestige. And
the way you accomplish this is by polishing its appear-
ance. No, you can’t turn an old Chevy into a Cadillac. But,
you can polish that Chevy to the point where its appear-
ance outshines a dusty, dirty Caddy. The better your
home looks, the more likely a buyer is to see its poten-
tial… the more likely a buyer is to make an offer.

Have I evaluated the appearance of my home? 

If you’re like most sellers, you think your home looks pretty good. After all, chances are you’ve been living in it (unless you’ve rented it out) and you wouldn’t live in a hovel, would you? However, when we see the same thing day in and day out, we tend to overlook the faults—we get used to it. In order to get a better impression of how your home really looks to buyers (the only people you want to impress), you need to have fresh eyes examine it.

Therefore, have a few agents come by and ask them what you need to do to spruce up your home for sale. The
agents will be delighted to talk with you and give you their ideas; after all, they’re hoping to get the listing. And who better to give an evaluation than people who check
out homes every day as part of their work?

Have I checked out the competition? 

You’re not selling your home in a vacuum. You’re in direct competition with every other seller out there. And a word to the wise is, “Know thy competitor.” When a
buyer comes to see your house, you must understand that
he or she has already (or will soon) been looking at perhaps dozens of similar homes. And the big question is,
does your house stand out? Does it look better? Or does it look tired and old? Another way to find out is for a weekend or two, become a pretend buyer. Tell an agent you
want to learn the market and ask for their help. (As noted above, they’ll jump through hoops hoping to get you as a
listing client.) See what else is for sale out there. See how it looks. Is your home as sharp? Sharper? If not, get cracking and improve its appearance.

Does my house make a good first impression? 

Agents are always talking about “curb appeal.” What they really mean are first impressions. When a buyer comes up the street and the agent points out your house,
what is the critical judgment instantaneously made in the buyer’s mind? Is it, “Yes, I want to live there!” Or is it,
“Ugh, what a dump!” Thus, when fixing up your house you should start with that which is most important, those
areas that the buyer first sees, the items that contribute to that first look of evaluation. For example, you may not
think your lawn or your driveway is nearly as important as that beautiful renovated kitchen you have inside. But the potential buyer doesn’t see the kitchen first. It’s the lawn and driveway that make the big impact. Remember,
you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

These questions are important in getting your house ready to be sold. It’s a competitive market it there so anything that you can do to give your property a boost over the others that are on sale is a plus. Taking the time now to do things properly will save heartache further down the line.