What does an online Research Assistant do? How can you earn money on the internet by becoming an online Research Assistant? The internet is a huge resource for information. This has given rise to various online job opportunities or businesses. Being an online Research Assistant is one of these beautiful opportunities, it gives you the flexibility of working from your comfort zone in front of your computer. An online Research Assistant is a person who works remotely and provides conducted Research reports on various subject matters as per specific clients’ needs; Completed jobs are shared via email, online reports or file sharing solutions.

Individuals and Companies hire Research Assistants for different reasons. It could be as minute as to search the internet for a piece of information, market Research and Analysis, telemarketing, data entry, services social media management or finding new markets for products.

To be a successful online Research assistant, you need some form of experience and coaching. There are platforms like AsssistU.com that offer coaching to aspiring researchers. Login to their website and find out what they are offering and what program best suits your needs.

Getting Started

| Research is a very broad subject and it requires specialist knowledge. Focusing on a niche and improving your skills in that niche is what differentiates you from the crowd. A niche gives the impression that you are an expert in the field of choice. Your academic background can also inform your choice of a niche. | There are a few things you need to know to be successful as a research assistant. Your people skill has to be great. You should be able to communicate fluently and have a good understanding of English. I am assuming you would be communicating in English.

| Once you get this rolling, next thing you need to do is to market yourself, make use of your network, let those around you know you provide that kind of service, join forums that that about Research, join platforms that offer research services to clients, use your social media handles effectively, join groups on Facebook, explore all available resources with which you can use in marketing yourself. | Look out for Research opportunities; join freelance platforms like Wonder, Upwork, Fiverr and People per Hour there is a constant flow of people looking for online researchers on these platforms. You have the opportunity to work remotely.

These platforms protect you from fraudulent people, people looking to take advantage of your services but not willing to pay the cost. They act as an escrow till the buyer is satisfied with the delivered product.

How much do Research Assistants Earn

There are no specifics as to how much a Research Assistant earns. What you earn is dependent on how much effort you are willing to put in. The potential for earnings is limitless; some clients might prefer an hourly payment, other a fixed rate. For an hourly rate, you could earn as much as \$20-\$40, but this depends on how much experience you have within a particular niche.

If you are just starting off, you would need to build a portfolio with positive ratings; this gives potential clients an impression that you can handle jobs without challenges, that you have experience. Try setting a good rate, your pricing should not compete with those who have been around much longer than you and have built a client base. You should start off with a fair price, not too high, not too low and gradually grow your portfolio, over time when you must have gotten some good ratings; you can then increase the price. This market has a huge potential and your success is dependent on your attitude. Set realistic goals and stick with them.

How to Become a Successful Online Research assistant

There are a few steps to take to turn a profit conducting online research for clients.

Get some Training.

An online Research Assistant should have a wide range of skills on demand. It helps broaden your range of offers. It helps reduce the time to turn out reports as there is no need to outsource. It is advisable you get specialist training on skills that you may likely require in the course of working. There are online platforms offering specialist training for various skills set. Some other platforms like AssisstU.com have programs from scratch on being a research assistant.

The market is very competitive it is crucial that your performance at all times is optimal. A lot of delicate information would be assigned to you and it's only expected that you deliver, without a proper know-how, the probability of being successful and turning out go result is slim. Get training, get informed.

Choose a niche

Choose an area where you can specialize on, Let It reflect your passion or discipline. There are no trials by errors allowed here. You must have substantial knowledge of the research topic to conduct a proper research. Experience includes previous work experience or if you still have a day but want to offer services online to boost income, you can still operate within the confines of your day job.

For instance, you might have previous experience working as a Leads generator or Market Analyst. When now working as an online Research Assistant, you can cover topics relating to sales, sales leads, market analysis, brand acceptance, market entry, brand awareness just to name a few. Your experience in the niche would help understand what to look out for, the jargon and where calculations or illustrations are involved you have wholesome knowledge to interpret them.

Identify your Skillset and What Skills you need

Sit back and identify your present Skillset, how relevant are they to the service you intend offering, how much experience do you have using them, what other skills do you need in order to successfully handle and deliver the client's jobs, where can you learn these skills, how fast can you learn them, these are some questions you should be able to ask yourself and honestly provide answers. Most times you will be working alone with tight deadlines so you need to be self-motivated to continually achieve success at your job. Constantly seek out new ways to do things, learn from those who have gone before you and are successful at it do not neglect failures too, they will help you know what not to do. Just keep learning and improving your skills.

Register on Freelance platforms

There are lots of Platforms that offer the opportunity for aspiring Research Assistants like you to get work. Most freelance platforms have gigs for just Research assistant; a few of such web platforms include Upwork, Fiverr and People per Hour. There are a lot of people online looking for the services of an online Research Assistant, leverage these platforms.

Once you create your profile, write a catchy bio, create gigs on the kind of services you offer, bid for jobs; have a call to action proposal for bidding, a call to action proposal can spark the interest of a client faster than a regular one. Landing your first client is usually the most difficult, once you do, the numbers just continue to grow. You can also search for jobs using job boards like www.Craigslist.com , www.kijiji.com and LinkedIn.

Network with Other Research Assistants

As much as you can, look for people offering the same service or something similar to what you offer, people who are either working remotely just like you or an offline day job. Being around these people helps you to learn faster about the job, its challenges, clients and how to manage them. It is most likely that someone who has far more experience than you should have a lot of tips and tricks on how to be successful within your niche. It saves you time from making some costly mistakes or learning the ropes the hard way.

Get your First Job

After you get your first job, give it your best shot, deliver beyond your client's expectation, encourage your client to leaves a positive review, it becomes easier for other people to want to try you out. Happy client, happy seller, everyone is happy.

What are you waiting for, you have an Internet connection, a laptop, a smartphone, you have some idle time, it's time to do some Research for someone somewhere who needs it badly. Make the move; you would be glad you did.