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Is life all that it appears to be?

Is life all it appears to be

Is life all that it appears to be? When we peel away the layers of the onion, what are we left with? Do all of our opinions and ideas just fall away and if so, what are we left with? When you think…

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What is mindfulness?

what is mindfulness

What is mindfulness? Any construct that has existed for thousands of years has many definitions. We would like to offer two of the most widely accepted descriptions of mindfulness. In our research, we found two predominant streams of mindfulness research and practice, meditative…

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A review of behavioral and personality models

behaviour personality models

For over 4,500 years we have studied behaviors from ancient Egypt to ancient Greek to the Roman Empire, the Chinese ancient culture, the Japanese culture, as well as South American Aztecs and Inca tribes, modern America, and across Africa. It has fascinated the learned…

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The Science Behind the Mind-Body Connection

mind body connection

Physicians and scientists all acknowledge a mind-body connection, that our thoughts and feelings affect our immune systems, our hormones, our digestive systems, and so on. Every day, there are new discoveries about the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and physical reality. Even so, many…

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Smiling: The Best Cure for all your Woes


Positive psychology, illness, and smiling may sound like strange bedfellows indeed, but when we look closer we find some surprising connections. Of all the tools in positive psychology’s toolbox, smiling is perhaps the easiest to perform, the quickest acting, and the most effective…

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Be the person you want to be

We all stumble

Who doesn’t want to perform admirably at work and enjoy an exciting career? We all want to move ahead and be rewarded for our accomplishments. We all want to develop our talents and skills and be respected. We’d also like to find meaning…

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Coping with a negative work-life balance

work life balance

A quick scan of the available literature on work-life balance covers a multitude of research, including everything from brain functions on adequate sleep to romantic implications. Geez. And most thought it was just another trendy business catchphrase. Not so. Although this seems to…

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