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How to get ahead in Social Media


You may be looking back at your social media plans and goals for the year and realizing they need attention. What was set in motion less than six months ago now causes us to pause. One of the target areas that we can…

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A review of behavioral and personality models

behaviour personality models

For over 4,500 years we have studied behaviors from ancient Egypt to ancient Greek to the Roman Empire, the Chinese ancient culture, the Japanese culture, as well as South American Aztecs and Inca tribes, modern America, and across Africa. It has fascinated the learned…

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Is the Drop Shipping Business Model Right for you?


If уоu аrе аn intеrnеt rеtаilеr looking tо еxраnd уоur offerings without аnу additional оutlау fоr inventory, уоu really ѕhоuld еxаminе thе drор ѕhiррing business mоdеl as a mеаnѕ tо dо thiѕ. The drop ѕhiррing business mоdеl iѕ оnе whеrе an entity (gеnеrаllу…

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Short Bio Examples for Business

Short Bio Examples

Short bio examples are useful to generate ideas for your profile bio on either a blog, twitter, facebook or your favourite social media platforms. They are great for giving a visitor a quick understanding of what you’re about. A short bio is useful…

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Make Money from your Website with the Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon affiliates

The Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs and was launched in 1996. They’ve paid out millions in affiliate commissions over the years and Amazon is one of the most trusted brands in the world. In short, you’re…

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