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I'm an online marketing specialist and copy writer based in Manchester, England. I love using technology to help change the world for the better. Long live Donald!

Math in College Football

math in college football

Working out the math in college football can be a little daunting. Unlike other college sports, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football does not hold a national tournament at the end of the season to determine which team is the year’s national champion. Instead, a total of…

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The career ladder: Does it still exist?

career ladder

One of the most powerful career metaphors used in the twentieth century was the career ladder. Start at a low rung of your profession and company as a young person, the theory went, and you could move up over time, just as if…

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SEO Design Considerations: Getting ranked with Google

seo design considerations

What SEO design considerations do we need to bear in mind when creating a website? Is a website about content or design, or should it be about both? Obviously, its both. If designers and copyrighters work together harmoniously then effective search engine optimisation can…

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Big data and its importance in business

Big Data

Data is one of the most important organizational resources. Like oil, water, and electricity, data can also be considered a utility. Organizations that learn to harness the potential of this data resource have a distinct business advantage. Sourcing, storing, sharing, securing, analyzing, and…

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How to Choose Land for your Homestead

How to choose land for your homestead

If you’re thinking of buying land for your homestead, you need at least enough for a garden and maybe also some animals—space for a hen house and rabbit pens, pasture, and a barn for goats or a cow. You have to think way…

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Facebook ads: A Super Fast Guide


Due to its 360 degree statistical gathering capabilities, Facebook ads offers you perhaps the best targeted advertising program out there in the social media universe. Facebook’s unique user demographic information gives you the marketing equivalent of a diamond drill. Corporate Facebook users can…

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