Apps for Wordpress make life a lot easier for you. In addition to simply logging into the back of your Wordpress blog to update, there are three other possible ways for adding posts to your blog. They are web apps, Wordpress desktop apps and mobile apps.

Apps for Wordpress: Press This

| WordPress offers a neat bookmarklet called Press This. You can put it into your browser's bookmarks or favorites, and it will let you quickly write a blog post about the website you're visiting. You may have encountered this same feature as offered by Facebook, and other social networking sites.image0 | You just have to add Press This to your browser once, and then you can use it anytime. To add the Press This link to your browser, in the wp-admin, go to the Tools page. At the top of the page is the Press This box. Just use your mouse, and drag the button up to your browser's bookmarks bar and you can start using it. For example, if you're browsing through a website and you've just read an article you'd like to mention in a blog post, just click on the Press This bookmark. A window will pop up with the post editing screen in it. You can write whatever text you want, add tags and categories, and then either save the post as a draft or publish it right away.

Apps for Wordpress: Calypso

Calypso is a piece of software developed by the guys. It's a desktop-based blogging tool. You can download it for free. There are versions for both Windows and Mac available. Calypso works similarly to any other software that you happen to have on your computer right now. After you install it, you can log in to your account, and then manage all your websites that are hooked up to that account from within the Calypso software.


The tool itself is very easy to use and very efficient. However, it does require a live internet connection to work. Think of it as an alternative way of accessing your account, via your desktop instead of a web browser. The user interface itself looks exactly like your dashboard at the website. To learn more about Calypso and how to use it, you can visit this in-depth guide.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

This final method of posting content on WordPress is growing stronger every year, or even every month. The mobile usage of the web is constantly rising, and this is reflected in the way people interact with their WordPress sites or blogs. It's not surprising that there's a great wealth of blogging tools and apps for the two most popular mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. Both systems have the native WordPress app available.  The user interfaces of the apps have some minor differences depending on what device you're using to access the app with, but the core functionality remains the same.


The app is very user-friendly and guides you through all the crucial steps of setting up a connection with your blog. You can add a new site from the Settings menu. Once you do so, you get to use a standard set of features that let you in on a variety of actions that you can perform on your site's content. You can create and edit posts, do the same with pages, moderate comments, and hop over to the site's wp-admin via a direct link. Everything is available from a clear menu in the center of the screen.